Food Commandments

In my recent exploration into food and healthy eating I’ve learned that some people have rules when it comes to eating. Yes, there are those that don’t eat tomatoes or maybe olives. But I’m not talking about the people that don’t eat something because they don’t like it or are allergic. I mean vegan, raw, vegetarian, processed sugar, or whatever. I must confess that I have developed some of my own food commandments, but they are timid compared to some of things I’ve heard. I don’t eat any white bread, potatoes, rice, or pasta, and the infamous high-fructose corn syrup. Now these are not set in stone. If I am in a restaurant or at a friend’s house I will eat what is on the menu or being served. But at home I’ve stopped buying any of these things a while ago, and only buy whole grain versions and sweet potatoes. I read labels too, you’d be surprised what has high-fructose corn syrup in it, like Thomas’ English Muffins. I know I’m getting more nutrition now and I love the way they taste, so it’s a win win. I even make the rice and beans that I grew up eating, but with brown rice and it’s great. And my sweetie loves it too.

Do you have any food commandments? What’s the craziest one you’ve heard?


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    Reading labels is extremely important. I am always amazed when I see people at work heating up frozen meals in the micro wave from Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice or some other product that is for weight loss. The amount of sodium in just one of those meals can provide the average person with a week’s worth of sodium requirements. Sodium is such an unhealthy substance if it is not used properly and most people just ignore it on labels. This is a good place to help educate and remind people of healthy but happy eating.

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