To Eat or Not to Eat Like an American

Nowadays there is a lot of criticism about how Americans eat, by not only Americans, but from people in other countries. I mean, we are known for bringing McDonald’s to the world… I hear a lot about how different countries have much different food cultures, such as the French and Italians who seem to enjoy the simple pleasure of food and sharing a meal. They also have an agriculture and government that supports those ideals through various laws and policies. What would happen if you stopped eating like an American and chose to follow the eating habits of another country? I have first and second-hand knowledge about losing weight while spending long periods of time in another country. While I was in college I spent a semester in Italy and lost about 15 pounds. Italy is known for its pasta, and believe me I ate pasta everyday. So much so, that I thought I was going to turn into a noodle. But there was no snacking in Italy, no chips, cookies, etc. that Americans love to keep around; everything was very fresh and no prepackaged frozen meals; portions were small; and meals were eaten slowly (I didn’t realize I ate fast until I was always the first one to finish a meal and had to sit and watch the Italians at the table savor theirs). I have spoken to a few people over the years who have had similar experiences in different countries. It strikes me as interesting and so obvious, we are what and how we eat.

Have you ever followed any other food culture?


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