I ate McDonalds

pThis week I indulged in my once-in-a-blue-moon-guilty-pleasure and I ate a Quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds. Of course I know how unhealthy fast food can be, and they do offer some healthier food options at places like McDonalds, but honestly I wouldn’t go to McDonalds for a salad. Afterwards I decided to check up on the nutritional information on what I had eaten.

Quarter pounder with cheese: 510 calories, 230g calories from fat, 1190mg sodium

    The burger did taste salty to me, but I was surprised to see how much sodium it actually had. That’s practically a whole day’s worth. Interested to see how the other fast food chains measured up I searched for the nutritional info for the Wendy’s 1/4 lb burger with cheese and Burger King Whopper with cheese.

    Wendy’s 1/4 lb: 430 calories, 180g calories from fat, 870mg sodium
    Burger King Whopper with cheese: 760 calories, 420g calories from fat, 1450mg sodium

      It seems like Wendy’s is the healthier choice in this situation. I can’t believe that the Burger King burger has even more sodium than the McDonalds option.

      Would you think twice about eating something after reading nutritional information posted in the restaurant?


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