Monthly Archives: April 2008

Food with a Dash of Politics

I never thought how you eat could have anything to do with politics, but as I learn more and more about how we eat here in the US I’m beginning to see things through a political slant. Now this city girl is suddenly interested in the farm bill! Maybe some of you already realize this, […]

Make it Healthy

This “Make it Healthy” installment is the hero. I love a good hero, and this one has lots of meat. It makes me hungry just looking at it. But its probably not the healthiest thing to eat. How would you make this healthy?

Pollan’s Food Fight

I’m currently reading, and almost finished, Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. Everyone should read this book. It goes into detail about the food industry, and food politics in the US and how that all effects what we eat. At the end there is also, what he calls ‘eating algarithims’ – guidelines, not rules, about […]

Big Apple Counts Calories

NYC is now requiring national food chains to list total calories for all food items. Read article here. The state Restaurant Association filed a lawsuit to stop it, but to no avail. I don’t really frequent many chain food places, except Starbucks, and the McD’s once on-a-blue-moon if you read my post a few weeks […]

If You Were Food

If you were a healthy food what would you be? If you were a junk food what would you be? For a healthy food I’d be something fresh and crisp, like sauteed broccoli with garlic and olive oil. For junk food I’d be an apple pie. YUM!

Against Eating Healthy

Ever wonder why its so difficult to change the way you eat. Sure, it can be challenging to change behavior from what you normally did for so many years. But there is something much larger that effects all of us. Farming and the food industry. Check out these clips from a Peter Jennings special on […]

Wedding Cake Not Healthy

This past weekend my sweetie and I went to taste cakes for our upcoming wedding, and if any of you are in the Hudson Valley area I highly recommend the Pastry Garden. Their cakes are delicious! Although I blog about eating healthy I am not going to have some whole wheat sugar free cake at […]

Traveling Healthy

This post is by guest blogger, Rich. I know I can relate to his dilemma. The times when it is hardest for me to eat healthy is when I travel for work. In fact it’s hard for me to do anything healthy when I travel. It’s hard to excersize, it’s hard to sleep enough, and […]

Snacking All Day

Lately I’ve been eating as if a famine were coming. I’m thinking its the stress and lack of sleep since I’m working full time and trying to finish up my last semester of grad school. I’m tired alot lately. Although I have been snacking a lot I still try to make them healthy snacks. Today […]

The Sneaky Chef/Wife

I was recently given the cookbook The Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on your man (in the Kitchen!) by someone because they know about Rebecca’s Table. I had heard about this idea of sneaking healthy foods, like fruit, and tofu into “regular” foods, but I have to say I was completely turned off by this […]