The Sneaky Chef/Wife

I was recently given the cookbook The Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on your man (in the Kitchen!) by someone because they know about Rebecca’s Table. I had heard about this idea of sneaking healthy foods, like fruit, and tofu into “regular” foods, but I have to say I was completely turned off by this book. I have issues with the point of view of the writer and the idea that the woman is responsible for feeding the husband and has to resort to doing things behind their back. As a soon to be married woman I honestly believe a man needs to take responsibility for his physical and mental well being. I do enjoy doing things for my sweetie and making sure he’s healthy and happy, as he does for me. I don’t even think I could be in a serious relationship with someone who didn’t take care of himself. Although there are no guarantees in life, after losing people I love at a young age, I want my partner to be around as long as possible. Some of the recipes in the book seem like they would be really tasty, but most of them involve making purees of various vegetables and fruits ahead of time, and then adding them to other recipes. That just seems like extra work. I do think these kinds of dishes would be useful with children who are not open to eating certain foods. In fact, the writer Missy Chase Lapine has the same kind of book geared toward children, although I can’t fathom what the difference between the cookbooks are since its seems like men and children are to be treated the same.


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