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This post is by guest blogger, Rich. I know I can relate to his dilemma.

The times when it is hardest for me to eat healthy is when I travel for work. In fact it’s hard for me to do anything healthy when I travel. It’s hard to excersize, it’s hard to sleep enough, and it’s hard to stay in touch with family and friends. But, eating really is a unique challenge. Airports and train stations are filled with fast-food restaurants, so it’ nearly impossible to get a decent meal if I’m trying to be efficient in my travel time. And of course, plane food is terrible and can’t in anyway be healthy. If you’re on a long flight you may be able to get the kosher meal, and I suppose if you’re in business class there’s always better food. But for me, for the most part, it’s flights under three hours in economy class with no food or “snack bags,” late rental car rides to a discount hotel with no restaurant, and jam-packed schedules that leave little-to-no time for lunch. If I’m lucky before I leave for an airport I can get a decent sandwich to pack, or sometimes I can get something not loaded with processed sugar from a small coffee shop. But – if I fly between multiple cities in a single week I visit Burger King and the local pizza spot more often than not.

Do you travel frequently for you job? If so, how do you keep it healthy?



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    I travel for business as well but I go from one extreme to the other. From September thru November I travel constantly and practically live at airports and hotels that do not have quality restaurants. I don’t have time to exercize so any healthy lifestyle routines are out the window. Then at other times, I travel to meet with the senior level clients, which includes taking them out for dinner, usually at expensive steak places where the arteries are clogged instantly. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium.

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