Food with a Dash of Politics

I never thought how you eat could have anything to do with politics, but as I learn more and more about how we eat here in the US I’m beginning to see things through a political slant. Now this city girl is suddenly interested in the farm bill! Maybe some of you already realize this, but how our government decides to fund crops and farmers, and assist food corporations has a huge effect on what’s in the supermarket, how much it costs, and what ends up on our plate. Its so easy not to think about where your food comes from, but once you know, you can’t turn away.

Do you ever think about the food you eat?


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    I’d always frowned on the CAP in the EU, and how France disproportionately benefits from the ag subsidies. But then I drove through the farmlands of France and ate the local food and everything was so good and cheap that now I think farm subsidies make sense if it protects places like France. Not if they protect crappy farms who produce mediocre products though. Just France.

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