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things that affect how we eat – work, kitchen ware, exercise, etc

Is Slow Food a Movement?

Slow Food is just a term for eating and savoring whole fresh foods. It originated in Italy and was in response to the growing presence of American fast food there. Today, we’re all used to getting things quickly, and telling someone that they should invest more time thinking about how they eat is not something […]

No Carbs for Now?

I’m following a low carb (meaning bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) for the next two weeks. I’m on day 2 and no complaints. Although I know I’m going to get tired of eating eggs for breakfast everyday. After the two weeks are up I will add some whole grains and fruit. But still keeping it minimal. […]

Extra Few Pounds

As I was getting dressed yesterday I put on a pair of pants and they felt tighter than usual. It seems that over the last month I have gained a few extra pounds. Nothing really noticeable except to me. I have also started working out this past month, and am addicted to yoga. I do […]

Eating in a New Location

After taking a short break from the blogging world… I’m back. I recently moved to a new city and stared a new job. Food and healthy eating are always on my mind, and I have somethings I have been wanting to write about, which I will do over the coming weeks. Something the recently caught […]

Pollan’s Food Fight

I’m currently reading, and almost finished, Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. Everyone should read this book. It goes into detail about the food industry, and food politics in the US and how that all effects what we eat. At the end there is also, what he calls ‘eating algarithims’ – guidelines, not rules, about […]

If You Were Food

If you were a healthy food what would you be? If you were a junk food what would you be? For a healthy food I’d be something fresh and crisp, like sauteed broccoli with garlic and olive oil. For junk food I’d be an apple pie. YUM!

Against Eating Healthy

Ever wonder why its so difficult to change the way you eat. Sure, it can be challenging to change behavior from what you normally did for so many years. But there is something much larger that effects all of us. Farming and the food industry. Check out these clips from a Peter Jennings special on […]

Traveling Healthy

This post is by guest blogger, Rich. I know I can relate to his dilemma. The times when it is hardest for me to eat healthy is when I travel for work. In fact it’s hard for me to do anything healthy when I travel. It’s hard to excersize, it’s hard to sleep enough, and […]

The Sneaky Chef/Wife

I was recently given the cookbook The Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on your man (in the Kitchen!) by someone because they know about Rebecca’s Table. I had heard about this idea of sneaking healthy foods, like fruit, and tofu into “regular” foods, but I have to say I was completely turned off by this […]

To Eat or Not to Eat Like an American

Nowadays there is a lot of criticism about how Americans eat, by not only Americans, but from people in other countries. I mean, we are known for bringing McDonald’s to the world… I hear a lot about how different countries have much different food cultures, such as the French and Italians who seem to enjoy […]