If You Were Food

If you were a healthy food what would you be?

If you were a junk food what would you be?

For a healthy food I’d be something fresh and crisp, like sauteed broccoli with garlic and olive oil. For junk food I’d be an apple pie. YUM!


Against Eating Healthy

Ever wonder why its so difficult to change the way you eat. Sure, it can be challenging to change behavior from what you normally did for so many years. But there is something much larger that effects all of us. Farming and the food industry. Check out these clips from a Peter Jennings special on the subject. I guarantee you won’t be bored.


Wedding Cake Not Healthy

This past weekend my sweetie and I went to taste cakes for our upcoming wedding, and if any of you are in the Hudson Valley area I highly recommend the Pastry Garden. Their cakes are delicious! Although I blog about eating healthy I am not going to have some whole wheat sugar free cake at my wedding. But the food we are serving for the meal will be very delicious and wholesome, and made with fresh local ingredients. I hope my guests’ hearts and stomachs leave full. A little indulgence is good for the soul

Traveling Healthy

This post is by guest blogger, Rich. I know I can relate to his dilemma.

The times when it is hardest for me to eat healthy is when I travel for work. In fact it’s hard for me to do anything healthy when I travel. It’s hard to excersize, it’s hard to sleep enough, and it’s hard to stay in touch with family and friends. But, eating really is a unique challenge. Airports and train stations are filled with fast-food restaurants, so it’ nearly impossible to get a decent meal if I’m trying to be efficient in my travel time. And of course, plane food is terrible and can’t in anyway be healthy. If you’re on a long flight you may be able to get the kosher meal, and I suppose if you’re in business class there’s always better food. But for me, for the most part, it’s flights under three hours in economy class with no food or “snack bags,” late rental car rides to a discount hotel with no restaurant, and jam-packed schedules that leave little-to-no time for lunch. If I’m lucky before I leave for an airport I can get a decent sandwich to pack, or sometimes I can get something not loaded with processed sugar from a small coffee shop. But – if I fly between multiple cities in a single week I visit Burger King and the local pizza spot more often than not.

Do you travel frequently for you job? If so, how do you keep it healthy?

Snacking All Day

Lately I’ve been eating as if a famine were coming. I’m thinking its the stress and lack of sleep since I’m working full time and trying to finish up my last semester of grad school. I’m tired alot lately. Although I have been snacking a lot I still try to make them healthy snacks. Today I ate a pear and a Kashi granola bar (I love them!) and a small bowl of granola with skim milk – on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast was whole wheat toast, 1 egg, and a slice of cheese, lunch, a slice of veggie pizza (for office birthday), and dinner, left over brown rice and chicken. No large amounts fruits or vegetables today. I’ll make more of an effort tomorrow.

What did you eat today?

The Sneaky Chef/Wife

I was recently given the cookbook The Sneaky Chef: How to cheat on your man (in the Kitchen!) by someone because they know about Rebecca’s Table. I had heard about this idea of sneaking healthy foods, like fruit, and tofu into “regular” foods, but I have to say I was completely turned off by this book. I have issues with the point of view of the writer and the idea that the woman is responsible for feeding the husband and has to resort to doing things behind their back. As a soon to be married woman I honestly believe a man needs to take responsibility for his physical and mental well being. I do enjoy doing things for my sweetie and making sure he’s healthy and happy, as he does for me. I don’t even think I could be in a serious relationship with someone who didn’t take care of himself. Although there are no guarantees in life, after losing people I love at a young age, I want my partner to be around as long as possible. Some of the recipes in the book seem like they would be really tasty, but most of them involve making purees of various vegetables and fruits ahead of time, and then adding them to other recipes. That just seems like extra work. I do think these kinds of dishes would be useful with children who are not open to eating certain foods. In fact, the writer Missy Chase Lapine has the same kind of book geared toward children, although I can’t fathom what the difference between the cookbooks are since its seems like men and children are to be treated the same.

Make it Healthy

Mac and cheese

This week’s “make it healthy” is macaroni and cheese. Its creamy and delicious, but can you make it healthy? When I was a kid we ate Kraft mac and cheese all the time, although I wouldn’t eat that stuff now. I think only the best mac and cheese is either homemade or from a restaurant, but not from a box. I know this is a tough one, but I’m interested to see what your suggestions might be.

How would you make this healthy?

I ate McDonalds

pThis week I indulged in my once-in-a-blue-moon-guilty-pleasure and I ate a Quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds. Of course I know how unhealthy fast food can be, and they do offer some healthier food options at places like McDonalds, but honestly I wouldn’t go to McDonalds for a salad. Afterwards I decided to check up on the nutritional information on what I had eaten.

Quarter pounder with cheese: 510 calories, 230g calories from fat, 1190mg sodium

    The burger did taste salty to me, but I was surprised to see how much sodium it actually had. That’s practically a whole day’s worth. Interested to see how the other fast food chains measured up I searched for the nutritional info for the Wendy’s 1/4 lb burger with cheese and Burger King Whopper with cheese.

    Wendy’s 1/4 lb: 430 calories, 180g calories from fat, 870mg sodium
    Burger King Whopper with cheese: 760 calories, 420g calories from fat, 1450mg sodium

      It seems like Wendy’s is the healthier choice in this situation. I can’t believe that the Burger King burger has even more sodium than the McDonalds option.

      Would you think twice about eating something after reading nutritional information posted in the restaurant?

      Make it Healthy

      Fired chicken

      This week’s Make it Healthy is a classic American dish we all know and love: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit, and string beans. Got any ideas on how to make it healthy? This might sound a little strange to some of you, but it’s possible to use mashed cauliflower instead of the potatoes. Cauliflower can be steamed, then mashed much like potatoes – they taste very good and are just as easy to make. Plus you get an extra dose of veggies instead of extra starch.

      How would you make it healthy?

      To Eat or Not to Eat Like an American

      Nowadays there is a lot of criticism about how Americans eat, by not only Americans, but from people in other countries. I mean, we are known for bringing McDonald’s to the world… I hear a lot about how different countries have much different food cultures, such as the French and Italians who seem to enjoy the simple pleasure of food and sharing a meal. They also have an agriculture and government that supports those ideals through various laws and policies. What would happen if you stopped eating like an American and chose to follow the eating habits of another country? I have first and second-hand knowledge about losing weight while spending long periods of time in another country. While I was in college I spent a semester in Italy and lost about 15 pounds. Italy is known for its pasta, and believe me I ate pasta everyday. So much so, that I thought I was going to turn into a noodle. But there was no snacking in Italy, no chips, cookies, etc. that Americans love to keep around; everything was very fresh and no prepackaged frozen meals; portions were small; and meals were eaten slowly (I didn’t realize I ate fast until I was always the first one to finish a meal and had to sit and watch the Italians at the table savor theirs). I have spoken to a few people over the years who have had similar experiences in different countries. It strikes me as interesting and so obvious, we are what and how we eat.

      Have you ever followed any other food culture?